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Notes on Writing The Walking Riot

Flying Fred Koury spent many years writing The Walking Riot. A lot of time was spent collecting photos and late nights were filled with writing stories that Flying Fred's father would tell him about many interesting bouts and the wrestling of years ago.

He has put his heart into this book. Once you start reading the book, you can really sense the love and admiration that Flying Fred has for his father, Wild Bull Curry.

About Flying Fred

Legendary and world renowned professional wrestling champion, Fred Koury has had a remarkable career. Flying Fred Koury was a disciplined athlete and fierce competitor.
Flying Fred was a great entertainer. Some of his career highlights include being crowned the NWA Hawaiian Heavyweight Champion and amazing bouts against Gene Kiniski, Freddie Blassie & John Quinn, incredible Contests and Death Match battles against the Sheik, winning the NWA World Tag Team titles in Detroit with partners Bobo Brazil, Tony Marino and Hank James, outstanding Dropkicks & Flying Head Scissors, defeating Tito Carreon to become the Junior Heavyweight Champion, being voted the Most Popular Wrestling by Pro Wrestling Illustrated, unforgettable matches against Ernie Ladd, The Poffo Family & Bulldog Brower, terrific teams with Jose Lothario, Billy Red Lyons & Wahoo McDaniel against the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Johnny Valentine & Baron Von Raschke and memorable battles and contests against the Daltons, Roger Kirby, Louie Tillet, The Valiant Brothers & Killer Brooks, among so many others.

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